A downloadable ebook and paperback on Parkinson’s Disease for the newly diagnosed, long term sufferer and their carers


A practical guide to living well from a 20-year Parkinson’s survivor.

“Parkinson’s Disease was a route I didn’t choose, but a journey I had to make; there was no backing out. But I began to realise that there was a choice about how I would travel.”

Briony Cooke was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2000, and initially feared it would destroy her career, impoverish her family and limit her interests. Although it has restricted some activities, it has also opened new opportunities for her. This book presents the challenges of living with Parkinson’s Disease, but also the solutions.

Briony Cooke’s book will help you with:

  • Understanding your diagnosis
  • Managing your own and others’ reactions
  • Facing your future, being and remaining positive
  • Understanding your emotional changes
  • Knowing the facts and the myths about what Parkinson’s is – and what it is not
  • Managing your medication, diet and exercise
  • Coping with sleep problems
  • Finding and participating in Parkinson’s support groups
  • Learning about the reality and rewards of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
  • Coping and overcoming anxiety, panic, depression and isolation
  • Managing work and early retirement

The impact of Parkinson’s Disease is largely misunderstood. Many books have been written by doctors, and very few by patients. Briony’s book is particularly helpful to recently diagnosed and young-onset patients. It demystifies the disease by explaining concepts clearly and using regular terms.

“Surviving and Thriving” also contains a glossary of medical terms, contact details of relevant charities and Parkinson’s organisations globally.